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A Deal You Can’t Refuse

Some of my biggest passions in life are traveling, shopping, and seeing live entertainment- whether it be comedy, music, or even abstract, artistic performances. The only thing I enjoy more than these three activities is finding unbeatable deals for them. I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent scouring the internet for unique opportunities for a bargain. For this reason, Groupon, unexpectedly, has become one of my favorite e-marketplaces. Here is why it should be one of your favorites too.

Groupon is by far, too underrated. The site is no longer limited to offering coupons for basic home and health services, chain restaurants, and predictable gifts for loved ones. Nowadays, shoppers on the site can expect to find deals on online education, high quality and highly personalized fashion and merchandise, undiscovered things-to-do in communities across the United States, and most excitingly, vacation getaways. Through Groupon, shoppers are also given access to exciting events like bull-riding spectacles, cooking game shows with half-naked, hunky chefs, and tickets to the concerts from some of America’s most beloved musicians, including Lynard Skynard, Chicago, and the Kidz Bop kids.

Personally, I think the getaway section of Groupon is the best to browse. There you can find trips for every single region of the United States and every continent. Deals range from family-fun oriented trips to the country’s largest theme parks and trips through places like the Caribbean and Italy, and geared towards honeymooners and romantics, who want to get away from everyone else. I highly suggest looking at the last-minute and last chance travel section. If you are searching for a bargain, and are willing to keep an open mind and flexible schedule, the possibilities within these two pages are endless.

Groupon has become a haven for good deals on retail items, vacation, and fun for all ages. Most importantly, Groupon encourages shoppers to go out and try new hobbies and cuisines, to explore exotic and unfamiliar places, and to support their local communities through deal with businesses of every size and type. Groupon has a coupon or deal for everything you can think of. Therefore, there is absolutely no excuse not to take advantage of the site.

Like Groupon, on RoomShare you can be both bold and smart with your purchases. RoomShare is a platform which allows travelers of similar interests to connect with one another and helps initiate conversation on future, shared hotel accommodations. Travelers can purchase unused or no longer needed reservations throughout the US as well.

RoomShare offers deals that beat out the best of Groupon’s. Book with RoomShare today!

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