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Appreciating What You Have

While on an adventure somewhere, in some foreign country, a fellow traveler told me a quote that changed my entire mindset. This friend told me that “travelers spend more time exploring other countries, than they do their own.” After a bit of thinking, I realized that this bit of wisdom was totally correct. People do not spend enough time appreciating the countries that they live in and Americans are especially guilty of this.

People who consider themselves passionate travelers, like myself, tend to spend their time traveling to countries that are unfamiliar to them and there are unspoken, shared goals surrounding this. Countries not easily accessible and those countries with cultures far different than our own are often the most alluring. There is nothing wrong with wanting to explore foreign areas of the world or wanting to expand your knowledge and experiences through this, but I think travelers should dedicate more time to discovering the new and exciting things about their own home countries. It was only during my six-month study abroad trip to Australia, that I have ever felt a twinge of homesickness for the United States and all its peculiarities and I am confident that this could have easily been resolved with a visit from a loved one.

As a military kid, a majority of my life was spent living overseas. The years that I have spent living in the United States, were either too early on for me to fully remember or too divided between different duty stations for me to be able to properly acclimate to and thoroughly explore each new location. For the first time in many years, I have lived in one location for more than two or three years, and even now, I must split my time between my hometown and my college town in the state of Virginia.

I am thankful for my time abroad, but do not feel as connected to the United States as I would like to be. Because of this, I do prioritize travel plans to destinations overseas and when visiting these places, I am at my happiest. In the future, I intend to spend more time recognizing and appreciating the different United States regions. I do not want to take my country for granted and will travel through the entirety the US before I don’t have the time or financial and physical ability to do so- I think others should do the same. I recognize the beauty, diversity, and opportunity that comprises our country and wish to immerse myself in every bit of it.

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