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Are You Artsy?

What’s red and blue with art all over? Washington DC! You can literally go to a different museum or gallery every day and see something cool. From the Renwick to the NMAAHC to the Museum Of The Bible, there’s something for everyone here. These two exhibitions are for those with a more contemporary taste or those looking to broaden their perspective on what it means to be “artsy”.


Hirshhorn National Museum Of Modern Art

Brand New: Art And Commodity In The 80’s

Open Feb 14- May 13th, 2018

Experience an iconic decade, it’s the 80’s again, a time when art was a very hot commodity and the artist were like rock stars, fusing the art world with entertainment. This exhibit offers an alternative history of 80’s art in New York City by appropriating the familiar, like household items and logos into statements with deeper more complex meaning. Brand New offers 150 works that are “Razor sharp, witty, satirical and deeply subversive.”(

On Feb 15th, 2018 at 12:30-1:30 pm

Join Curator-at-Large Gianni Jetzer on an insider walk-through of the 80’s New York with a special tour through this exhibit. For more information and upcoming events visit their website.


Parallel Universe by Ouchhh!

Open Now – March 4th, 2018

ARTECHOUSE presents Parallel Universe which has been described as a psychedelic experience visually and Aurally. Giving the feeling of being in the eye of the storm.
This will be the first solo retrospective show brought to you by internationally acclaimed Turkish art studio Ouchhh!. The exhibit will feature four installations, three of which have traveled the world and one that has been curated in collaboration with ARTECHOUSE house specifically for this event.

The 3-D motion projections you will see were inspired by astrology mathematics science and the reconstruction of space through media. Sadie Dingfelder from The Washington Post Express said: “They’ve created immersive environments that hover eerily between the world we know and the world of the computers.” Grab your tickets today!


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