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The Hunt is Over

In a previous blog I wrote about “mystery” vacations, or the phenomenon where a travel agent plans you an entire trip, including flights, accommodations, and activities, to a surprise location based on your preferences and previous travel experiences. I didn’t really see myself taking one of these trips anytime soon, but when my plans for spring break fell through just a few weeks beforehand, this all changed. I took the plunge and booked an international mystery trip with The Vacation Hunt and could not be more elated with the result.

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Forget Winter…

Because this year’s winter has been unreasonably severe, Americans are eager to escape the cold more so than ever before- this includes planning trips, to look forward to, in the spring and summer. Florida, with its sunny weather, innumerable nature parks and theme parks alike, and unique blend of culture throughout, is the destination that never fails to provide a perfect vacation experience. Most importantly, Florida hosts a lineup of premier beaches on each of its coasts. Here is a guide to the top ones to help take your mind off the frigid winter outside or to inspire your travel in the future:

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