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Dance & Laughter

Music and Laughter go hand-in-hand and it’s hard (and scary) to imagine life without either. Lucky for us there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy both.  These events will put a Spring in your step in time for the new season, so when you plan your Cherry Blossom trip make sure you check out a concert too!

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Time To RUN

Running for some of us is a daily ritual for self-improvement and sanity. For others, running is a not a regular thing, but we can give the treadmill a few minutes (sometimes). Races and marathons can be fun for everyone. For runners, wouldn’t it be nice to run for a cause to help others? For non-runners start the new season by reaching a personal goal! Everyone likes the feeling of completing something, so let the endorphins flow at these Washington D.C. events this March!

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