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The Hunt is Over

In a previous blog I wrote about “mystery” vacations, or the phenomenon where a travel agent plans you an entire trip, including flights, accommodations, and activities, to a surprise location based on your preferences and previous travel experiences. I didn’t really see myself taking one of these trips anytime soon, but when my plans for spring break fell through just a few weeks beforehand, this all changed. I took the plunge and booked an international mystery trip with The Vacation Hunt and could not be more elated with the result.

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Germany’s Vibrant Capital: Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is the unique, wacky, and wonderful center of the country’s government, history, and culture. Berlin is a melting pot of international influences from Europe and beyond and has become one of the most populous cities on the continent. A trip to this German city means an exploration of important history, diverse neighborhoods, and indescribable music and art. Here are a few of the best sights to see in Berlin- for tourists and the residents who are lucky enough to enjoy them.

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Dance & Laughter

Music and Laughter go hand-in-hand and it’s hard (and scary) to imagine life without either. Lucky for us there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy both.  These events will put a Spring in your step in time for the new season, so when you plan your Cherry Blossom trip make sure you check out a concert too!

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