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College is a Vacation in this Virginia Town

Imagine if every time you walked out of your house, you stepped into a colonial town with no paved roads, electricity, or modern conveniences. Picture yourself at your local supermarket or gas station regularly bumping into and transported directly from the 1700s.  This is what life is like a lot of times while attending college in the tourist destination that is Williamsburg, Virginia.

The town is home to the research university, the College of William and Mary, and Colonial Williamsburg, the full-time living-history museum located directly next to the college’s campus. Williamsburg is 1 hour from Virginia Beach in the east, and 1 hour from Richmond in the west. Williamsburg brings the colonial era of America back to life through tours and hands on educational experiences, including archaeological digs for kids and interactions with actors who live full time in the town. In addition, Colonial Williamsburg has contributed major animal and plant conservation efforts through their Rare Breeds program. Visitors can also treat themselves to authentic shopping and dining experiences scattered throughout, as well as carriage rides, band performances, and ghost tours.

Williamsburg’s charm is not limited to the colonial district. The town hosts a popular and growing farmer’s market each weekend, several art and music festivals on a monthly and yearly basis, and an array of celebrations for holidays such as Christmas, the 4th of July, and Halloween. Several vineyards and breweries in the town are available for tasting events and tours year-round while hiking trails, water sports, and rope courses/ziplining are available to those feeling more adventurous. Tourists can also visit the College of William and Mary’s historic campus, where they can cheer on the school’s various Division I sports teams or take a look inside the single oldest academic building in the country.

Williamsburg is one of the quaint jewels of Virginia that should not be overlooked. With both proximity to some of the state’s largest cities and a unique take on preserving history, the town offers a fun, relaxing, and educational experience for all ages.

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