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Get a Little Wild

Going on a safari is a coveted experience on many people’s bucket lists. Whether you’re an animal lover or simply a travel enthusiast, the opportunity to encounter and interact with pristine and exotic wildlife in locations like Namibia, Kenya, and Tanzania certainly has an allure. The downside to trips like this is accessibility. Committing enough time and money for a safari is a difficult endeavor for the average person, especially for Americans who must journey halfway across the globe and several different time zones. However, there is no need to fret.

If you are an American craving a safari experience, looking for an adventure within your own country, or wanting to see wild animals there are several solutions. There are many wildlife parks around the country that allow visitors to get a taste of a safari experience.

These facilities recreate savannah (and sometimes jungle and desert) environments that patrons can drive through. Visitors can learn about biodiversity, ecosystems, and important conservation initiatives from the safety of vehicles as exotic animals roam freely around them. It is common for animals to approach and jump onto vehicles-making for an unforgettable interaction. Often in designated areas of these parks, guests can feed less dangerous animals, such as donkeys and giraffes, with food purchased at park entrances.

Here is a comprehensive list of different drive-thru experiences throughout the country:

Who would’ve thought that the United States would have such a robust variety of safari opportunities? There is absolutely no excuse not to get up close and personal with wildlife. Take a trip to any of these wonderful wildlife parks and make sure you use RoomShare to help plan your visit. RoomShare offers a marketplace for hotel reservations in every region of the country. Let RoomShare help you explore the United States and all the wonderful animals that the earth has to offer.

Get wild with a drive-thru safari and RoomShare!

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