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Lipstick, Check

Fashion and beauty are an everyday part of life for many. These industries are undeniably powerful and prevalent influences in every corner of the world. New York and California, especially, have become the major hubs for trendy American culture and the travelers, who often visit to indulge in it.  Events such as the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, taking place in Paris, and Milan, among a number of other cities, are as significant of contribution to tourism, as they are to pop culture. The average person is not granted access to major, premier events such as this, like industry professionals, celebrities, and the extravagantly wealthy are, but this does not mean a person must miss out on their own couture experiences.

While the average tourist might visit California to see Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge or New York to see the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, a beauty lover might search for a different experience outside of these. The Bite Lip Lab is the answer to this. Located in only NYC, San Francisco, and Toronto, the Bite Lip Lab is the unique makeup service that allows people to create custom cosmetics, tailored to one’s own preferences, style, and creativity. A visitor to the store can themselves mix up their own cosmetic concoction to take home for a mere $55 or call upon a “Lip Lab Artist” to help create their perfect customized makeup, starting at $150.

A traditional tour of California or New York might not focus on fashion or beauty, despite their importance in each of these states. However, making plans for a visit to a Bite Lip Lab in either of these locations can and should be a major bucket list item for beauty and fashion aficionados.

Whether you are visiting these American cities to take in the sights and culture, or embrace your inner style guru, start your travels off with a trip to RoomShare. On RoomShare you can make a profile, interact with travelers of similar interests, and connect with potential same-gender roommates to split hotel rooms with in the future.

When all hotels rooms are sold out in NYC during the busiest days of Fashion Week or when you want a luxurious getaway in the hills of San Francisco, RoomShare is your tool to find the ideal hotel reservation.

It will not be long before the Bite Lip Lab, spreads to new parts of the US. Make the experience a part of your next travels and be sure to book with RoomShare along the way.

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