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Awaken, My Love (For this Upcoming Tour)

Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, is one of America’s most treasured cultural icons at the moment. The NYU graduate is an overwhelmingly talented performer with incomparable singing, rapping, songwriting, and dj-ing abilities. Meanwhile his acting and comedy skills have allowed him to work with televisions shows such as 30 Rock and community and films including Magic Mike XXL and a remake of the Lion King set to hit theaters in 2019. Lucky for the American people, Childish Gambino is set to tour the United States a bit later this year. Here is a complete list of tour dates.

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A Deal You Can’t Refuse

Some of my biggest passions in life are traveling, shopping, and seeing live entertainment- whether it be comedy, music, or even abstract, artistic performances. The only thing I enjoy more than these three activities is finding unbeatable deals for them. I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent scouring the internet for unique opportunities for a bargain. For this reason, Groupon, unexpectedly, has become one of my favorite e-marketplaces. Here is why it should be one of your favorites too.

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You’re Heading To….


Traveling to a new city or state is exhilarating- no matter the location. The planning beforehand, however, can be annoying or frustrating, even for the most experienced and organized of travelers. For those looking to book a vacation without the hassle or those looking for a unique adventure, a new trend is emerging. Travel agencies offering mystery vacations are becoming more and more popular. As featured on Buzzfeed, these companies offer a range of vacation packages, both international and domestic, luxurious and budget, for travelers looking to visit surprise destinations.

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