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Germany’s Vibrant Capital: Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is the unique, wacky, and wonderful center of the country’s government, history, and culture. Berlin is a melting pot of international influences from Europe and beyond and has become one of the most populous cities on the continent. A trip to this German city means an exploration of important history, diverse neighborhoods, and indescribable music and art. Here are a few of the best sights to see in Berlin- for tourists and the residents who are lucky enough to enjoy them.

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All Aboard


The United States may be a leading power in the international community, but in many ways, the country is far behind many of its colleagues. The United States is unlike a great majority of the world, in that our train system is shockingly underutilized, even when the infrastructure is present. Our country and its travelers stand to learn a thing or two about the utility of a train system from other nations.

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