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Timberlake of the Woods

Have you heard the new single “Filthy” yet?  What are your thoughts? Most of us are just happy that Justin is releasing a new project. Everyone loves Justin Timberlake, and lucky for us he’s going on his sixth tour very soon.

Despite the glamorous, old Hollywood feel of his last effort, his new album features many songs inspired from the outdoors, and may perhaps show us a different side of Timberlake. He describes the sound of the album as “bringing the outside in”. “The new material will give a self-reflective look at his journey into fatherhood, and offer up personal insight into his layered life experiences,” Live Nation wrote,  and with the help of usual suspects, production heavyweights Timbaland and Pharell it should feel like signature Justin, and give us a glimpse into who Justin is today.

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