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All Aboard


The United States may be a leading power in the international community, but in many ways, the country is far behind many of its colleagues. The United States is unlike a great majority of the world, in that our train system is shockingly underutilized, even when the infrastructure is present. Our country and its travelers stand to learn a thing or two about the utility of a train system from other nations.

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Lipstick, Check

Fashion and beauty are an everyday part of life for many. These industries are undeniably powerful and prevalent influences in every corner of the world. New York and California, especially, have become the major hubs for trendy American culture and the travelers, who often visit to indulge in it.  Events such as the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, taking place in Paris, and Milan, among a number of other cities, are as significant of contribution to tourism, as they are to pop culture. The average person is not granted access to major, premier events such as this, like industry professionals, celebrities, and the extravagantly wealthy are, but this does not mean a person must miss out on their own couture experiences.

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