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This Year’s Festival Lineup is Looking Sunny

Florida is a wonderful and interesting phenomenon existing within the United States. The territory is a concoction of traditional southern hospitality and tradition, paradoxically, in its most northern parts, mixed with a vibrant, urban, and heavily Latin American influenced region towards the south. Understandably, the vast range of different cultural influences in Florida has allowed for the growth of a robust and eclectic music scene. Artists from every genre gather in Florida throughout the year, to perform in some of the world’s most acclaimed and underrated music events. Here is a list of upcoming music events in the Sunshine State that you should definitely check out:

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Forget Winter…

Because this year’s winter has been unreasonably severe, Americans are eager to escape the cold more so than ever before- this includes planning trips, to look forward to, in the spring and summer. Florida, with its sunny weather, innumerable nature parks and theme parks alike, and unique blend of culture throughout, is the destination that never fails to provide a perfect vacation experience. Most importantly, Florida hosts a lineup of premier beaches on each of its coasts. Here is a guide to the top ones to help take your mind off the frigid winter outside or to inspire your travel in the future:

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