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Take Flight on Travel Tuesday

While most people have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the new hot shopping day is known to bargain hunters as “Travel Deal Tuesday.” Market insiders are predicting Tuesday to be one of the cheapest days of the year to book air travel.

Flights are anticipated to be up to 40% off in total, making Tuesday, November 28th, the best time to book flights before the holidays.  Early morning is the best time to search for deals, with the peak time expected to be between 6AM and 9AM.

After a hectic Thanksgiving holiday with 51 million Americans traveling nationwide, perhaps the last thing on your mind is another trip.  But while the chaos of Black Friday shopping may seem daunting, Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday offer prosperous opportunities to snatch up travel deals from the comfort of your own home.

Consider planning your next vacation with the bargains that US-based aircraft carriers are offering this week. Here are three unbeatable rates to look out for:

  1. Allegiant Air is offering one-way flights as low as $30 domestically for winter travel with an ongoing sale through Monday.
  2. Alaska Air will be having sales on domestic flights offering tickets as low at $45 with a wide array of both airports and departure dates.
  3. Delta is keeping shoppers waiting in anticipation with sales starting on Monday. The airline has teased a wide array of potential deals both on its website and its Twitter account.

And with your airfare secured, keep your accommodations under budget with help from RoomShare. If the price range of hotels in your luxurious destination seems out of reach, create a profile and meet like-minded adventurers like yourself of the same gender to split the cost of a hotel room with two beds.

If for some reason last minute you are unable to travel, you can also use RoomShare to sell your hotel room and find a replacement guest so that you can earn back at least part of the money spent on your hotel booking.

Or if you like to live life down to the wire, consider exploring RoomShare to find a suitable full room accommodation last minute, by purchasing from travelers who are no longer are planning on using their rooms due to change in their travel plans.

With Travel Tuesday deals and affordable room options with RoomShare, the possibilities of your next adventure (on a budget!) are endless, so plan your next excursion today!

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