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The Hunt is Over

In a previous blog I wrote about “mystery” vacations, or the phenomenon where a travel agent plans you an entire trip, including flights, accommodations, and activities, to a surprise location based on your preferences and previous travel experiences. I didn’t really see myself taking one of these trips anytime soon, but when my plans for spring break fell through just a few weeks beforehand, this all changed. I took the plunge and booked an international mystery trip with The Vacation Hunt and could not be more elated with the result.

About three weeks before my spring break, I contacted The Vacation Hunt in hopes of exploring vacation options. The very next day, I was in contact with the company’s founders/travel agents Roshni and Jeff and we were hashing out the details for my 7-8 day trip. Within three days, the duo had picked a location and booked my flights. I was hesitant about the trip, but as soon as I paid for the excursion, there was nothing I could do but sit back and enjoy the wild, mystery process.

Two weeks before the trip, The Vacation Hunt started posting clues about my surprise destination on their social media pages and it got me more and more excited to have my friends and family participate in the guessing. One week before the trip, I received my vacation package in the mail as well as a separate packing list. I waited to open the package and reveal the mystery until I stepped foot in the airport in DC.

Although I had a pretty good hunch about the location, I was pleasantly surprised to be heading to Lisbon, Portugal. Before sitting down to read my vacation package, I was under the impression that the company could only guarantee 2 activities or experiences for me while overseas, but I was ecstatic to find out about the full week that Jeff and Roshni had lined up for me. I had a 16-page packet full of planned activities, extra recommendations, popular events and helpful transportation tips and so on. I could not have been more appreciative or relieved for how thorough this packet was.

Once in Lisbon, I was treated to beautiful accommodations, more lavish than anything I would have booked on my own, a warm welcome from each and every Portuguese person I interacted with, and in depth look at the history and culture of the country- something I knew little about before this. I took long guided tours around Lisbon, neighboring Sintra and Cascais, and the coastal towns of Nazare, Fatima, and Obidos, and also had ample time on my own to see the parts of Lisbon that I had missed or wanted to revisit.  Most importantly, I spent a good portion of my time indulging in the meats, wine, and pastries famous to the region.

I don’t know why I was ever nervous about my trip with The Vacation Hunt. Every detail of my trip was thoughtfully planned out, every one of my requests was accounted for, and each day in Portugal was well spent. I never once felt lost or unsafe and  I am so thankful to have had this unique travel opportunity and cannot recommend it enough.

Whether you’re a couple looking to plan their honeymoon or a college student, like me, who’s spring break plans got cancelled last minute, there’s a mystery trip out there waiting for you. If you’re feeling bold, adventurous, and or even a bit wanderlust, then The Vacation Hunt is a company you need to reach out to. Obrigada, Lisboa and obrigada, Roshni and Jeff!

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