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Traveling to a new city or state is exhilarating- no matter the location. The planning beforehand, however, can be annoying or frustrating, even for the most experienced and organized of travelers. For those looking to book a vacation without the hassle or those looking for a unique adventure, a new trend is emerging. Travel agencies offering mystery vacations are becoming more and more popular. As featured on Buzzfeed, these companies offer a range of vacation packages, both international and domestic, luxurious and budget, for travelers looking to visit surprise destinations.

For a small planning fee, websites like Pack Up + Go, Magical Mystery Tours, and The Vacation Hunt, offer to plan custom vacations according to an individual’s interests, budget requirements, and previous travel experiences. Each vacation is inclusive of activities, transportation, and suggestions for local cuisine, curated according to the travelers likes and preferences. Prices begin as low as $500-$800 for domestic weekend trips, and include all transportation to and from destination cities. Travelers are typically sent the details of their vacation packages a week before departure, but many choose to keep the vacation a mystery until they step foot in the airport.

Vacations like these are a new and exciting revolution in the travel world. Mystery trips are a new frontier for those with a willingness to embrace the unknown and are surely worthy opportunities for open-minded travelers to consider.

Are surprises not your thing? Look no further than RoomShare to help with your next vacation. You can feel confident that RoomShare will provide you with affordable hotel accommodations in cities across the United States.

If you are traveling, but are not ready to take the leap of faith that comes with a mystery vacation, make sure to start your planning with RoomShare– a tool that connects you with other travelers and fabulous hotel accommodations throughout the country. RoomShare also provides access to rooms in sold out hotels, and the ability to buy/sell reservations that are no longer needed.

Whether you are planning travel to a destination you may or may not know, or are looking to find inspiration for a trip, be sure to check out RoomShare!

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