How do I contact a host?

If you want to contact a host before placing a room share request or after the stay, send them a message using the chat feature available on RoomShare. Once a booking is confirmed, you can message, email, or call the host to communicate until the stay has ended.

Before raising a booking request

If you want to find out more about a listing or host before placing a room share request, you can message the host using the chat feature available on RoomShare. Make sure to review the listing page (for example, reviews and amenities) to clarify anything you need from the host.
To send a message:
On RoomShare, go to the listing for the host you want to contact.
Click Contact Host on the listing page.
Enter the dates for your stay. You can adjust this information before booking.
Write your message and click Send Message.
For your safety and privacy, you can’t call or email hosts before your booking process is complete.
Once a booking is confirmed
If you have a confirmed booking, you can call or email the host, or message them on the site to communicate about your stay.
You can find the host’s email and phone number in the message thread for your booking or booking details for each booking under my bookings option of the guest tab.
After the stay
After checking out, if you have anything you need to follow up send a message to your host using the chat feature on RoomShare.

Can I view a listing before I book?

We encourage all hosts and guests to complete their bookings through RoomShare before meeting in person to best ensure their safety and privacy. There are many ways to learn more about the listing and the host without seeing the property, including:
Profile verifications
Verified Listings
Hosts also need to provide information about themselves before accepting room share requests.

How do I communicate with hosts & where can I view my communication history?

Messaging on RoomShare starts when a guest makes an inquiry or booking request. Afterwards all messages related to that inquiry or booking request will appear in your chats.
View or send a message
1. On RoomShare, go to the chats tab on your dashboard
2. Under chats, you'll see a message thread for each inquiry or booking
3. Click on a message thread to view old messages or send a new one.
You must be logged in to your RoomShare account to view or send messages.

To delete a particular chat thread 1. On RoomShare, go to the chats tab on your dashboard
2. Under chats, you'll see a message thread for each inquiry or booking
3. On each message thread there is a cross available at the right side of the message which you can use to delete the chat message

Chat Threads

When you click on a chat message, you can view the conversation and also the following information:
Host profiles including number of reviews, verifications, and description. Booking and payment details such as date of inquiry, host requirements etc. Events such as booking confirmation and special offers are notated in the timeline of the conversations.
If any actions are needed from you, you’ll see the prompt under the notifications tab of your dashboard. Guests can make booking inquiries or booking requests, and hosts will be able to accept or decline requests.

How do I submit a booking request?

If you’re ready to book a place on RoomShare, you can send a request to the host. If you’re unsure about the listing or its availability, you can also send a message to the host or chat with the host.
To send a booking request:
1. On a listing, click Request to Book.
2. Once you send a request a notification is sent to the host notifying them of your request to share the room
3. Wait for the host’s response. The host has a turn around time of 2 hours before he can reply
If your request is accepted, you’ll be sent a notification directing you to the payment page. If the host declines the request or doesn’t respond within the specified turnaround time, you are notified of the same and can try searching for other listings to match your search criteria.

When will I be charged?

On RoomShare you will be charged only when your booking request has been accepted by the host & you receive a notification for the same. Can I book if I haven’t received a notification from the host? On RoomShare you cannot book a room unless it has been approved by the host. The payment notification will be sent to you only after a host accepts your booking request.

How do I cancel a booking request?

As long as your booking request hasn’t been accepted by the host, you can cancel the booking request. You won’t be charged for the request or RoomShare service fees. How much time does a host have to respond to my booking request? Hosts have 2 hours to officially accept or decline booking requests. You will be notified of the host action which you can see under the notifications tab of your dashboard.

Can I make changes to a pending booking request?

Yes. If the request hasn’t been accepted by the host, you can cancel the request and send a new one with the updated booking details.

How do I check if my booking is confirmed?

If you have submitted a booking request with a host on RoomShare, a couple of things are needed to confirm your booking:
1. Host’s approval for sharing the room
2. Your payment for confirming the booking
Once a host accepts your booking request you will be notified about it through different channels like email, SMS & push notifications. Additionally you can also see this under the notifications tab of your dashboard. Once a booking request has been accepted & you have made the payment for confirming the booking, you can check it:
1. Your Bookings - The reservation status for the confirmed booking would be shown as ‘Booking Confirmed’ else it will be shown as Pending, Rejected etc
2. You can see the booking confirmation under the notifications tab of your dashboard & also you receive the confirmation through email, SMS & push notifications as well.

What happens if my booking request declines or expires?

If your booking request is declined by the host or expires, meaning the host didn’t respond within the turnaround time, no charge is made for the booking request and you’re notified to book with another host. In case the booking request has expired you have an option to resend a booking request to the same host.

Can I book on behalf of a friend or family member?

As a policy to maintain transparency & trust we do not allow bookings to be made on behalf of another person. All bookings on RoomShare need to be done by the person who is going to stay at the listed hotel room. Payments

What is the accepted currency of payment?

Presently we accept payments from guests only in US Dollars (USD).

When do I pay for a booking?

You only pay for confirming a booking once your booking request has been accepted by the host. Once a host confirms the booking you will receive a notification which will direct you to the payment page, where you can make the payment & confirm the booking.

How is the price determined for my booking?

The total price of a reservation on RoomShare is based on a few factors. Note that the price is charged in full once a host accepts your reservation request.
Rate per night - Fixed by the host
RoomShare service fees - A fee of $2.5 per night is charged to every guest for confirming the booking & providing support when needed

When will I be charged?

You will be charged for the total cost of your booking only when the host approves your booking request and you want to proceed with the booking confirmation.

How does the RoomShare payment system work?

RoomShare’s payment system is designed to make transferring money between guests and hosts as simple and reliable as possible. Here’s how it works:
1. Guests pay RoomShare when they book a place
2. RoomShare releases the money to hosts 72 hours after the guest checks out
Using RoomShare’s payment system is required to make a booking, and it helps ensure that both parties are protected under our Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policies and Guest Refund Policy
RoomShare automatically includes service fees in each transaction for both guest and host.

How do I find my stay receipt or itinerary?

Once you have a confirmed reservation, your itinerary are automatically generated and stored in Your Bookings under the guest tab. Once you click on a particular listed item under Your Bookings you can get the details of the itinerary. The receipt can be obtained from transaction history in the account settings under Account tab.

What are guest service fees?

All guests are charged a nominal fee of $2.5 per night for every night they share the room with hosts through the RoomShare platform. The exact amount of the service fee is displayed before guests confirm a booking.
After entering the exact dates for a reservation, you’ll see the service fee included as part of the booking details.
The exact amount of the service fee is also located on:
The checkout page before submitting a reservation request
Any guest billing receipt

What if a host asks for more money?

All pricing information for the room listings are fixed through the RoomShare platform. Once the booking has been confirmed the host cannot claim additional money than the rate he had entered while listing the room.

What payment methods are available for me to confirm a booking?

Presently the only method of payment available to a guest is credit card.

Why is my credit card getting declined?

Credit cards can be declined for a number of reasons. We are generally not notified of the specific reason.

Common issues

Check that you're entering your credit card number and billing address correctly, that your card has available funds, and that your card hasn't expired. Contact your bank or card issuer
If you're getting an error when you trying to pay, we recommend reaching out to your bank or credit card company for more information. Inform them of the amount and the timing of transaction.

What if I can’t get in touch with my host?

If you have trouble getting in touch with your host after the booking is confirmed, try contacting your host using a different method of communication like:
RoomShare Chat : Where you can send messages and also have a live chat if the host is online
Email or Phone : These details of the host can be retrieved from the booking confirmation mail you receive or under the notifications tab of your dashboard

What should I do if my host needs to cancel a booking?

All cancellations by the host would be subject to the RoomShare cancellation policy. If a host cancels the booking you would get a refund or you can use the money for a new booking.