How can I be a responsible guest?

As a guest seeking a room sharing partner, there are certain best practices we recommend which makes the stay convenient for both host & guest.

Booking Requests

Send booking requests to hosts only after you have gone through all the details about the listing to improve the chances of your booking request being approved. Accurate Check-In & Check-Out details
As a guest you have the option to send out multiple booking requests to different hosts. But it is essential that the information you provide in terms of the check-in & check-out dates are accurate because it helps us match your preferred dates to the check-in/check- out dates of hosts who have added their room listings.

Being Responsive

Every time a host confirms your booking request, make sure you respond & complete the payment as soon as possible. As a host might receive multiple booking requests, the guest making the payment first would get a confirmed booking and your booking request would not be considered.

Commitment to Bookings

As a guest you have complete freedom to choose your room sharing partner. But once you have confirmed the booking, you need to honor your commitment and make sure that you check-in with the host as per the scheduled dates. In cases where you cannot avoid canceling the booking, make sure that you give the host sufficient time to look for an alternative room sharing partner. Also all cancellations will be subject to the cancellation policies of RoomShare.

Complete & Correct Information

For both hosts and guests, making their expectations clear before sharing a room can contribute to a better experience for everyone. As a guest your chances of booking requests getting approved increases by providing detailed information about yourself and clear expectations of what you expect from the host.
Creating a detailed profile page will help hosts make an informed decision before approving your booking requests. Complete & accurate information increases your chances of finding a compatible host. Reviews

How do reviews & ratings work?

RoomShare is a platform meant for providing a convenient way for guests and hosts to share the room. After the check-out date of the host or guest our system immediately notifies both to review & rate the overall room sharing experience. Up to one month after the check-out date, both guests and hosts can review & rate each other.

Writing a review

Immediately after a guest and host have shared the room and after the check out date, our system will notify both to review & rate each other. This would come as a notification which can be checked by the guest & host under the notifications tab. Once you click on the notification you will be directed to a review page, where you can review & rate the overall stay experience which will again be sent as a notification to your counterpart. Similarly you will also be notified once your partner reviews & rates you. The entire crux of RoomShare lies in honest & truthful reviews. It is also important that you follow the RoomShare review guidelines while reviewing and rating your room sharing partner.

Review history

To see reviews you've written or reviews about you, go to your Reviews under the account tab in the dashboard.

What are the RoomShare review guidelines?

We believe in free speech, transparency, and clear communication. When creating a review, we ask that you stick to the facts. The best reviews provide constructive information that helps us in providing better services to our clients.
RoomShare’s default position is not to censor, edit, or delete reviews. However, we reserve the right to remove reviews that violate our content policy.
We don't allow:
1. Reviews that do not represent a user’s personal experience .
2. Reviews unrelated to the actual reservation (ex: political, religious, or social commentary).
3. Content that endorses or promotes illegal or harmful activity or violence, or is profane, vulgar, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory.
4. Content that violates another person’s or entity’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights (ex: publishing another person’s full name, address or other identifying information without permission).
5. Content that is proven to be used as extortion.

Can I delete a review or change the ratings?

No. Reviews cannot be changed or deleted.

Can I leave a review for a host who has canceled a booking?

On RoomShare the review system works in a manner that only when a host & guest have shared a room together, do they get a chance to review the room sharing experience. So as a guest you cannot review or rate a host who has canceled booking.