What is the RoomShare matching algorithm?

RoomShare is an advanced technological platform that helps connect room sharers (hosts) with room seekers (guests). To determine the exact compatibility match between a host & a guest we have a matching algorithm which helps match their interests and preferences. This algorithm matches the information of the host and the guest based on their individual profiles. The algorithm shows the compatibility in the form of a % match along with a flame symbol, when a guest searches for hotel room listings after logging in.

Why do I see a set of questions in my profile?

The questions in your profile are used as a part of our matching algorithm. Based on your responses to these questions we try to match and find individuals who would be compatible room sharing partners. But your responses to the questions are not shared with any individuals. The responses are secure & private which we use to find the most compatible room sharing partner for you.

Does the algorithm matching % guarantee a good room sharing partner?

Our matching algorithm takes into consideration your responses & profile information to match it with profiles of similar preferences and interests. However this does not guarantee anything with respect to the kind of partner you would get. Just to keep things as transparent as possible we have a chat feature where guests can get in touch with hosts even before raising a booking request. This helps both the hosts and guest understand each others expectations and then make an informed decision to share the room or not.