Why was my listing deactivated?

Any person who has a genuine confirmed hotel booking can create a listing to share a room as a host. Its free to sign up and create your listing.

Are there any restrictions with respect to creating a new listing?

Any kind of hotel room listings are allowed on RoomShare as long as:

  • The hotel room booking is confirmed for a specific date range.
  • All details about the hotel location, facilities available are accurately represented by the host.
  • How long will it take for me to find a room sharing partner on RoomShare?

    This varies a lot based on the time of adding the listing, location and number of prospective room seekers. For example, some event attendees book and search for rooms right before the event, so you should expect that the closer it is to the time of an event, the more likely you will get a match. We strive to find you a match as quickly as possible with our advanced technological platform and unique preference matching algorithm.

    How do star ratings work?

    In addition to written reviews guests can submit an overall star rating to notify the admin of the overall room sharing experience with the host. These ratings appear on the profiles of both the host & the guest. The more star ratings the hosts & guests receive, the easier it gets to find room sharing partners in the future.

    How much should I charge for my room listing?

    The price you charge for your listing is completely up to you. To decide the price point, you can search for comparable listings in your city or neighborhood to get an idea of market prices. Also with RoomShare there is an option for you to choose differential pricing for each night which can be done when you are adding a new listing.

    How can I share my room listing info with other people?

    If you are a host, you can share your listing through different social media platforms. The social media platform options for sharing the room listing are : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

    To share your listing through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google + :

  • Go to Manage Listings on RoomShare
  • Click the name of the listing you want to share
  • On the detailed listing page, click on Share Listing & choose the medium through
  • which you want to share your listing information

    How do I edit my listing?

    To edit your listing:
    1. Go to Manage Listings on RoomShare
    2. Click the name of the listing you want to edit
    3. On the detailed listing page, there is an option to edit the listing
    4. Once you click on Edit the listing there are multiple options available where you can choose & edit different sections of your listing

    As a host how do I find the hotel I want to add as a listing?

    In RoomShare all hotel details get automatically retrieved through an API integration. So if you want to add a new listing you can search for hotels by their names, locations or landmarks & select the hotel & room type to add to your listing. All hotel related information like photos, ratings, amenities get pulled from the API & you just need to check the details and proceed. In short the entire process of adding a hotel room listing is very convenient because it is completely automated.

    What are partner preferences?

    At RoomShare we believe in matching the interests & preferences of two individuals before getting them to share a room. As a part of this endeavor we provide the host with options to choose a partner based on their personal likes & dislikes. These preferences are indicated by the host while adding a new listing which can also be modified later by editing the added listing.

    What are active & expired listings?

    All listings that are added by you get classified into two main categories which are active & expired listings. Active listings are those in which the check-out date of the host is still not over i.e. Listing is for a ongoing or future date. Expired listings are those in which the check-out date has already passed. Active listings are shown at the top of ‘Your Listings’ where as expired listings are shown grayed out at the bottom.

    Can I add my own photos of the hotel room while setting up a new listing?

    At RoomShare we focus on providing absolute convenience to our hosts while listing a room for sharing. So there is no need for the host to add photos of the hotel or room manually. All the necessary information gets automatically pulled through our API integration.

    Can any information on the hotel amenities be added manually?

    No, all hotel amenities information get automatically retrieved through our backend.

    How do I show my room listing availability for specific dates?

    At RoomShare, you have complete flexibility o either share the room with one person or with different persons for multiple nights. If a host has a booking for more than one night he can choose to share the room with different people for each night. As soon as the host gets a partner for sharing the room for a specific date, that date gets automatically blocked out & only the other available dates are shown to potential guests.

    What is minimum stay?

    As a host you have the flexibility to share the room with one person or with different persons on different nights. The host can specify this while adding a listing by mentioning a minimum stay requirement. This indicates the minimum number of nights the host expects the guest to share the room with them. This can be mentioned while adding a new listing & also changes can be made to this after adding a new listing:

  • Go to Manage Listings under the host tab
  • Click on the listing you want to edit
  • Choose the section of rate per night where you can change the minimum stay requirement & save it
  • Can I set a different rate for each night I want to share with a guest?

    As a host having a confirmed booking we give you complete flexibility to set the rate for each night in your room listing. We also provide the flexibility to set a differential pricing for each night which further gives the host better options to set the rate for each night a guest wants to share the room with them.

    How do I confirm that guests see my listing?

    You can see if your listing is showing up in search results by manually searching for your listing:

  • Go to the search bar & enter the location of your listing
  • Select the check-in & check-out dates that were the dates you used to add the listing
  • On the results page, use search filters to narrow down to a set of listings you can easily look through to find your own.
  • How are search results determined?

    At a high-level, the factors that affect search ranking can be broken down into the following categories: listing quality, stay experience, ease of booking, and guest preferences. As a host, you have control over many of these factors.

    Listing quality

    The way you list your space and your past track record with guests impacts where you appear in search compared to other listings.
    Booking appeal: If guests frequently click through to your listing page or try to book your space, this can also positively affect your placement in search.

    Stay Experience

    Reviews: Both the quantity and quality of reviews from past guests can impact your search performance.

    Ease of booking

    How reliably and easily guests can book your space impacts search results.

    Response rate and response time: The quicker and more consistently you respond to guests, the better your listing can do in search. Search also considers how many guests you accept. Rejecting a large number of requests, or failing to respond to inquiries will affect your placement and visibility in search.
    Cancellations: If you do cancel on a guest, it can negatively impact where your listing appears in search.

    Guest preferences

    Search results may vary depending on the person, their preferences, and the specifics of their trip. Location relevance: Guests can search broadly at the city level or narrow into specific neighborhoods, so we try to show search results that are most relevant to their location preferences. We may use past booking information to determine which locations are most relevant for a given search. Personalized results: We try to understand a guest’s preferences and trip characteristics, so search results may vary depending on the person or the specifics of their trip.

    What are verified & new listings?

    As a host you have an option to make your listings stand out & come up higher in the listings. After publishing your listing if additionally you provide the hotel reservation number & upload the reservation confirmation document or email the hotel reservation details to us, the listing gets tagged as Verified which makes it more authentic for the guests searching for a room. Also all listings which are added within the past 6 hours are tagged as new listings and after the stipulated time the new listing tag automatically gets removed.